Trinity Lutheran Church
3512 S. Broad Street, Scottsboro, AL 35769
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The Trinity Lutheran Church is located at 3512 South Broad Street, Scottsboro, Al 35769-7409. Broad street and Al 279 are one and the same. The church sets between the intersections of US 72 to the north and Al 79 to the south.

PHONE: (256) 574-4927

Church Council Members:

DWPresident: Duncan Wilkinson (256) 582-2545

Vice President: Vacant

JLTreasurer:Jim Leithauser (256) 638-6829

MSSecretary:Mike Spangler (256) 728-7842

MSPastor: Joe Fairchild (256) 701-7139

Elder: Bob Steigler (256) 682-7780 

The Trinity Lutheran Church Council meets on the first Wednesday of each Month.
The meeting is scheduled to commence at 7:15PM following Bible study. It is held in the conference room at the church. The council members are expected to attend, if at all possible. Other members of the congregation are welcome to attend.

Worship Together... Grow Together... Go Together...